• Custom Fabrication

    Wood, Plastics, Metal and Composites Custom Fabrication is Our Specialty At Certified Sounds we’re a combination of … [More]

    Custom Fabrication
  • High End Audio Systems

    Sound as if you’re there in the studio... Any technician can screw in a speaker or fill a car with a bunch of audio … [More]

    High End Audio Systems
  • Factory Audio System Enhancement

    Factory Audio Upgrades (without replacing the radio!) It is no longer necessary to remove your in-dash radio to improve the … [More]

    Factory Audio System Enhancement

Featured Article

Rydeen 360 Camera System

The Rydeen 360 Camera System Explained

Backup cameras are great additions to any vehicle but their limited 180 degree angle leaves the sides of your car unprotected when you back up because … [Read More...]

Featured Article

Backup Camera

Backup Cameras Vs Backup Sensors. Which is right for you?

While parking accidents usually don’t end with injuries, they do account for a significant amount of driving accidents. Cars and especially trucks … [Read More...]