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High-Resolution 4K Televisions

High Definition Televisions, or HDTVs, come in many various types, brands, and sizes. But, they all share one common aim, to bring the most entertainment to your living room for the best bang for your dollar! We realize choosing a TV could be difficult, between the pixels and gigahertz and refresh rates and all it can definitely be a little overwhelming. Which is exactly why you should trust a business like Certified Sounds to work with you directly in choosing out a TV that's best for your needs as well as your wallet.

If you're in the market for a new television, be sure to stop by our retail location and talk with the experts.

Two Channel High-End Audio

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? If you love music and tend to demand perfection, we have the perfect solution for you. Here at Certified Sounds, we love music, just like yourself. The art of reproducing the music exactly like it was inteneded is the art that we have dedicated ourselves to. With amazing brands such as Naim, Focal, JL Audio, Marantz, Denon, Polk and Definitive Technologies we are confident we can put together the perfect two channel home audio system that fits your audio needs. Stop by the store or give us a call and we can guide you in the right path to audio nirvana.

Wireless Speaker Systems

Now's fascinating audio / video technology brings home the cinematic quality of the big screen experience to your home theater system. Recent improvements in video and sound technology have given consumers the capability to view high-fidelity movies in the comfort of their own homes. With all of this new technology comes new technologies such as wireless speakers.

No longer do you need to drill holes and run wires all across your home to have a great audio system. With our wide selection of wireless speaker systems, you can enjoy high fidelity audio with the ease of installation.

Home Audio SoundBars

A home theater sound bar will take your home cinema audio system to a new experience. No longer do you have to settle for poor sounding, lack of substance soundbars that your typical big box stores offer. We are audiophiles, we are the local experts and the products that we offer have to deliver a certain level of performance that our customers expect. With the advancements in the sound bar industry, we can now offer a great sounding audio system, in a compact and beautiful package that will look and sound great in your home.

Portable Headphones

Enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing your favorite song. Whther you're relaxing at home or traveling across the world, a great set of high-performance headphones will ensure you always have a smile on your face. The new generation of high-performance headphones incorporate a new generation of exclusive full-range speaker drivers capable of operating in a small inner environment while ensuring exceptional dynamics and the most precise sound reproduction. Regardless of where you want to enjoy your music, Certified Sounds has you covered. Give us a call today or stop by our retail store to learn more.

What our Amazing Clients Say

I highly recommend Certified Sounds! As a female, I was really overwhelmed when my radio went out. I called Certified Sounds & they were able to get me an appointment that same day.The staff there was extremely professional & nice. Within an hour, my new radio was installed & they even showed me how to use it! The quality of service & their products were great and the prices weren't over the top. I would definitely go back in the future.

Anuhea Getgen

Google Review
This is really the second full sound system that Certified Sounds has done for me. I was so please with Dereck and his team that I decided to really take it to the next level with my classic car. These folks have treated me with the utmost respect and are very enthusiastic about the work they do. I chose to do some add ons based on their recommendations and I couldn't be more pleased. Their custom work is first rate! My 1972 Mustang now has a sound system that befits that great classic muscle car. Can't wait for them to put a proper sound system in the hand me down Prius that I will get from my wife really soon!

Bob Lanser

Google Review
The guys over at Certified Sounds are Guaranteed the Best at car/truck audio installs hands down! I brought my Tacoma in to upgrade my sounds. From the moment I walked in these guys treated me great. I am 110% satisfied with my experience with them. They are of course extremely knowledgeable about all equipment, face plates, speakers, systems, alarms, cameras, EVERYTHING! They are Pros at what they do, and they can help you with anything you need. TRUST these guys; if you plan on getting any audio installs done on Maui, Certified Sounds is where you must go!

Ryan Smith

Google Review
Derek has now installed 2 car stereos for me and I have been very pleased with the quality of the product and customer service both times. In addition, Derek is professional and personable. He doesn't sell you more than you need and makes a conscientious effort to keep labor costs to a minimum. I am thrilled with my newest purchase: an Alpine car stereo with Bluetooth capability. It makes my commute in my vehicle much more pleasant. I love working with Derek and his team at Certified Sounds. I highly recommend them!!!

Kim Stiller

Google Review
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